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Things to do in Goa, India

List of Different to do things in Goa

Water Sports

Due to the huge coastal line and exclusive beaches in Goa there is a lot of scope for water sports at some of the incredible beaches. The adventure lovers can enjoy an array of water sports like paragliding, windsurfing, and jet skiing. These water sports in Goa are very much popular in Goa and are bringing repeated tourists to this place. Best time to enjoy water sports in Goa is from October to May, when the beaches are sunny and waters are crystal clear. Some of the other popular sports are Dinghy sailing, Scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing and swimming.

Visit to Temples & church

Goa is popular for its exclusive beaches as well as its historical places like temples and churches. Temples in Goa are represented by a presiding deity and the design comprises of Garbagriha in which the chief deity resides. The most popular temples to visit in Goa include Mangesh temple, Shri Shantadurga temple, Bhagavati temple, Kamakshi temple, Mahadev temple and Parshuram temple. Some of the famous churches of Goa are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Chapel of St. Catherine, St. Cajetan Church and Reis Magos Church. Visit to temples & churches of Goa will introduce you to the ancient architecture of the region as well as European styles of architecture.

Goa Festivals & Carnivals

Goa the tiny state of India has a rich cultural and historical background, which is reflected in its colourful festivals and carnivals. Goans respect each others faiths and celebrate the festivals with a great pomp and fervour. Some of the popular festivals of Goa are Christmas, shimgo, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Sunburn festival, Feast of St. Francis and Feast of three kings. Christmas is the most popular Christian festival in Goa, whereas Diwali is the most popular Hindu festival. Goa carnival is held annually when the streets of Goa are filled with celebrators in colourful dresses and a mood of carnival celebrations is observed throughout the state.

Pubs in Goa

Goa was ruled by many communities and mostly by the Portuguese, who left mark of their lifestyle on the residents of Goa. One of the most dazzling features of Goan life is the nightlife celebration and pubs in Goa serve as the best places to experience exclusive nightlife celebrations. These pubs serve every type of popular drink and are perfect for hangouts as well as relaxation. They are spread across city centres and beaches of Goa, offering live music to cheer the celebrators. Many Dance pubs concentrated in Calangute offer invigorating dance and boozing facilities.

Goan Restaurant

Goan restaurants are a treat to the food savvy’s offering sumptuous seafood with a taste to be remembered for a long time. These restaurants are popular for serving incredible Goan cuisines like fish curry, Vindaloo, Xacuti and Cafrea. Exclusive food is the central attraction of Goa restaurants attracting more tourists to this beach destination. The beach front restaurants are the venues for tourists to taste some authentic Goan food. Many hotels in Goa are family run ventures offering a friendly atmosphere. These restaurants provide variety in style and food to suit the diverse tourist traffic coming from different corners of the world.